What is UNAVSA-19? It is an continental 4-day leadership development conference hosted by the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations. Students and young professionals from across North America are invited to gather for an event that serves as a catalyst to motivate and inspire leaders within the Vietnamese American and Vietnamese Canadian community. You can look forward to seeing everything from keynotes from established professionals within the broader Vietnamese community, professional development workshops from established community leaders, and friendly competition and networking with leaders from across North America. At this year’s UNAVSA, constituents across the nation will be able to use their voice in the elections process for UNAVSA’s Executive Board as well as selecting the next beneficiary for CPP or the Collective Philanthropy Project.


Each year, decorated visionaries of the community are invited to speak on their experiences that lead to their significant impact on the world at large.

As UNAVSA’s keynote shares their story, attendees are empowered to connect with the lessons learned as they relate back to the overall Conference theme, gaining the inspiration to move forward fearlessly with their own journey.


Established professionals, subject matter specialists, and distinguished community leaders are invited to present at 1 hour sessions, providing engaging activities for attendees to partake in as they obtain valuable knowledge, resources, and tools to take with them moving forward.

You’ll get to learn from a multitude of experts as they share their wisdom from their profession, competencies, and field experiences.

Workshop tracks include professional development, Culture and Identity, Personal Enrichment, and Community & Civic Engagement.

Family Programming

All attendees will be sorted into themed families consisting of fellow conference goers from across all of North America and lead by a family leader for the duration of the weekend.

You’ll get to network and connect with your family as you compete against other teams in a variety of activities to see which family comes out on top.

Within your family, your family leader will also help cultivate the ideal conference experience for you as you navigate the weekend.


During the Friday of Conference, attendees will enjoy our wonderful variety show jam packed with events going on throughout the night.

You’ll get to witness an enchanting display of talented performances from our community members as well as a fashionable showcase of cultural attire.

You’ll be able to experience an engaging story through our live Culture Show as well.



During the Saturday of Conference, attendees will join us for an evening dinner of festivities, entertainment, and celebration of our achievements.

You’ll be dressed to the nines as we enjoy captivating performances from our talented headliners.

Additionally, accolades will be awarded to outstanding members of our community during the VSA Awards.

We will also be honoring the Collective Philanthropy Project beneficiary and celebrating the milestones achieved during UNAVSA’s community effort to serve this charitable cause.