Lucy and her colleagues at Aerotek.

Current City: San Francisco, CA

UNAVSA Involvement:

UNAVSA-8: Logistics
UNAVSA-9: Southwest CoRR & Logistics
UNAVSA-10: Southwest CoRR & Logistics
UNAVSA-11: CPP Campaign Director
UNAVSA-14: CPP Audit Director

UNAVSA-15:    Sponsorship

How did you get involved with UNAVSA?

I began my involvement with UNAVSA when I referred through Thoa and Phong Nguyen. This was when I started with my VSA at UC Denver back in 2011.

Tell us about a favorite memory working with UNAVSA.

My favorite memory working with UNAVSA was the moment I was on stage handing the large check to One Body Village for CPP. This was a huge milestone where our team had raised the most UNAVSA has ever raised for a beneficiary. I just remember how appreciative our partners were and recall all the efforts we put forth to make it happen. It was so memorable mainly because we had left such an everlasting impression and I knew we were doing something amazing for the community.

How has UNAVSA helped you become the person you are today?

Lucy is best friends with UNAVSA President Thoa Kim Nguyen. Photo taken in 2012.

UNAVSA really shaped my career path. It allowed me leadership opportunities to speak up, manage projects, and best of all, to lead others. I always talk about how UNAVSA is a great platform to interact with other peers in a professional setting. I learned how to solicit and provide constructive feedback, how to manage timelines and processes, and also to work with people who were different from me.

What do you do for a living now? Where do you work? What is your job position and description?

I’m currently a Sales Account Recruiting Manager for Aerotek. Aerotek is a recruiting firm with over 250+ offices across the country and I specifically work with the San Francisco market. I partner with hiring managers with other companies to recruit on contract, contract to hire, and full-time opportunities.  I manage a team of recruiters that specialize in finding talent within the creative & marketing space.

What is your work attire?

I work in a business professional setting. I meet clients and candidates on a daily basis so presentation matters. I love feeling a sense of professionalism and accomplishment in my daily attire!

What does your workplace, workspace, or desk look like?

My workplace has individual, but open desk space where we have our own cubical area. It feels a lot like the startup companies I work with and we’re allowed to decorate our space as we like and the visibility to my partners/colleagues is great.

What are your thoughts on what it means to be professional in 2018?

Lucy and the 2013-2014 CPP Committee presenting a check to One Body Village.

Professionalism I don’t think should ever change no matter what year, what generation, or what industry you’re in. It means you respond to emails in an appropriate manner; no matter how close you may be with a person and no matter what their title is. I treat everyone like I was writing to the CEO of a company, even if it were to my team. It also means you’re short, sweet, and to the point in a timely manner. In my world, time kills all deals so responding at least with where you stand on a project or where you are in the process is so important. Professionalism is communication and with communication, you need to be clear.

Is your job/ company hiring?

Always!!! My company can help almost everyone and anyone in any industry even if you’re looking as an entry-level candidate looking for your first job, or if you’re a tenured individual looking for recruiting resources for your next great opportunity.

What are your hopes for the future of UNAVSA? How would you continue to support UNAVSA and your own community?

Lucy and her fiancee, Tommy Ngo, proposing to her during a tulip festival in the Bay Area.

I hope UNAVSA can grow with a more diversified platform. Currently, UNAVSA is facing some interesting adaptations. A lot of our UVSA’s and VSA’s are beginning to shape-shift and grow into a structure similar to UNAVSA so I think UNAVSA may be ready to place itself in the professional AAPI space similar to other partner organizations. I think it’s time UNAVSA increases its conference headcount, but also incorporate more opportunities for a path of a student to a professional. We are a great funnel for talent and committed individuals in our community that could progress this organization even further than where it already is!

Do you have any last words such as shoutouts or pieces of advice for potential UNAVSA Alumni?

I think UNAVSA alumni can do SO much more. I’m really amazed at the recent changes and additions from the Alumni Relations team because we’re finally incorporating a place for our alumni year-round. The great thing is that UNAVSA alumni are unique; we don’t have a set role in our conference planning anymore, but we can play a heavier role in our communities now that we’re more equipped professionally. I think every alumni should own a piece of their efforts even post-UNAVSA involvement! Take on a mentee, support UNAVSA on a financial level, or even build out programs that you may not have been able to do while on staff. The options are limitless.

Thank you, Lucy, for being a UNAVSA Advocate Alum!