Be a part of a network of volunteers across the continent and showcase your leadership potential. Check out our open positions below, or inquire about an opportunity within our organization—it starts with YOU.

General qualifications & requirements

We welcome all individuals of all backgrounds to apply to be part of the UNAVSA team. This will be both an opportunity to serve the community as well as an opportunity to learn and expand your skill sets for the future. UNAVSA’s staff are typically one year in duration, beginning from the fall of the year. We do have some general rules in regards to how many roles you may serve within one term duration below:

Within one term, individuals are allowed to hold a maximum of:

  • 1 director position, OR
  • 2 staff positions

For individuals interested in holding 2 staff positions, they can serve in:

  • 2 cabinet committees, OR
  • 1 cabinet committee, 1 conference committee

***For individuals who are holding staff positions with CPP, they will be ineligible to serve on a conference committee & as a family leader during the conference. CPP staff have specific responsibilities to carry out during the annual conference.

There are specific restrictions for some of the higher leadership roles within UNAVSA, so we highly recommend carefully reading over the description of each opportunity before you submit an application. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to petition for an exception of the restrictions, please address those directly with the UNAVSA Executive Board.

Our selection process

Submit an application

Apply online and submit an application through our online forms. Please make sure to reference the required skills and experience for the role you’re applying for.


Next comes a remote interview with the committee director or an Executive Board member. All candidates will be interviewed for the positions they applied for.

Final touches

After all the candidates are interviewed, we will deliberate and select the best fit for the roles. If you apply for multiple positions, we will determine where you will best fit based on your skills and experience.

Current opportunities

There are currently no available positions.