2020 VSA Awards

Celebrating the Most Outstanding VSAs Across North America.

Submit your nominations for your VSA and showcase your achievements to the rest of the continent!



The VSA Awards was created in 2010 to showcase and celebrate the accomplishments of the Vietnamese student organizations across North America. Even during current times and with many changes at universities, various VSAs/VSOs have continued to fulfill their mission of serving their local community of members. We at UNAVSA strongly believe that this excellence and commitment is worth recognition. This year, we are proud to create two new categories to reflect the perseverance and innovation of the Vietnamese student organizations: Most Resilient VSA of the Year and Most Outstanding Virtual ProgramĀ 



May 22

Nomination window opens

June 12

Nominations window closes

June 19

All nominations finalized and uploaded for review

July 25

Winners announced


Most Outstanding VSA of the Year
Most Outstanding VSA Member of the Year
Most Outstanding Performance
Most Outstanding Cultural Program

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production
Most Outstanding Educational Program
Most Resilient VSA of the Year
Most Outstanding Virtual Program

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