1. You will be so overwhelmed by the amount of #NEWFRIENDS you’ll meet.


    1. You will bond with and forever love your UNAVSA Ohana.


    1. You will enhance your professional development through networking with people from across the North American continent.


    1. You won’t believe all the Asian domination that will fit into one weekend.


    1. The city of Seattle during its most glorious and beautiful time of the year will be yours to explore.


    1. You may have a chance to meet your future ông xã or bà xã…


    1. You will rep your UNAVSA family so hard, it’ll be like one huge Pokémon showdown.


    1. You will meet some pretty cool and inspirational peeps during workshops.


    1. big, AWESOME Culture Show. ‘Nuff said


    1. You will dress to the nines and be all fancy shmancy for this thing called a “gala.”


    1. You get to drop it low at the After Set.


    1. You will build a bigger, badder and stronger VSA family!