Xavier University of Louisiana (The Great Depression)

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: Xavier University of Louisiana

Production name: The Great Depression

My Great Depression

We know you guys have been dying to see what happens next so here it is! The full 'My Great Depression' video! We'd like to thankThe production:Chance ProductionsThe cast:Wendy Dang Katrina Nguyen Imari ParhamVolunteers:Hannah Tran Lauren Nguyen Minh Nguyen Tai Nguyen CowVin PhamScreenplay writers:Henry Nguyen Dat LeCalligraphy:The Dainty Hand

Posted by Xavier University of LA Vietnamese Association - XULAVA on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

This video was created for UVSA GC Date Auction, our school theme was the Great Depression. This video demonstrate the struggles and turmoils of the time. During the Great Depression, food and crime were a major problem during that time period and we wanted to include these themes into our video to reflect the times and produce some backstory and conflict in our video.