Western University (IGNITE XXI 2019 Promo Video - "The Woman in the Frame")

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: Western University

Production name: IGNITE XXI 2019 Promo Video – “The Woman in the Frame”

As part of IGNITE XXI: Legends of Our Home (Đất Nước Huyền Thoại), a cultural show held in Toronto, Ontario, Western VSA was honoured to be presenting the folklore “The Woman in the Frame” (Người Phụ Nữ Trong Màn Tranh). The IGNITE team at Western University was devoted to capturing the beautiful meaning behind the heartfelt story and to endlessly preparing for an exciting performance in this highly anticipated cultural show!

The promo shows a sneak peek of their rendition of “The Woman in the Frame”, where they performed a renewed version of the traditional Vietnamese tale and won the VSA Award of Achievement for Most Tickets Sold at IGNITE XXI from this promo and enthusiasm for Vietnamese heritage.