Western University ("The Woman in the Frame" Ignite Cultural Performance)

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: Western University

The 21st annual Ignite Cultural Show is organized by the United Vietnamese Students’ Association of Ontario, which is a student-led organization that celebrates Vietnamese culture, encourages philanthropy, and cultivates leadership. Western students are given the opportunity to hone into their creativity and interpersonal teamwork skills to compose a remarkable 10-minute performance that showcases acting, traditional fan-dancing, and hip-hop dancing. Whether students are performing, helping out backstage, supporting the show, or attending fundraising events, Ignite brings together both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese students here on campus by helping us deliver a phenomenal show to a vast audience among several other universities across Canada. This year’s annual Ignite Culture show presents the overarching theme for IGNITE XXI: Legends of Our Home, Đất Nước Huyền Thoạ. Western University’s plans to bring the Vietnamese folklore, “The Woman in the Frame, Người Phụ Nữ Trong Màn Tranh” to life. Overall, Western VSA’s participation in Ignite provides an opportunity for students to connect with the Vietnamese community on Western campus, with the shared goal of promoting cultural diversity, preserving our Vietnamese identity, and inviting community inclusivity through the performing arts.