Louisiana State University

Outstanding Virtual Program


VEGA Night was divided into two parts. Part 1 includes the performances by our
members and special introductions and transitions done by our emcees. Part 2
includes speeches, the amount raised for CPP, a video put together by our keynote
speaker, and the revelation of our new board.

Provide a detailed description of the virtual program and the population it served.

VSA-LSU’s VEGA Night Premiere was held on Youtube April 30, 2020. The number of participants didn’t just include the board but members, interns,and alumni as well. Participants ranged from performers, speakers, and contributors in some presentations. The programs purpose and goals were straightforward in making up for what has been affected by the pandemic. With the original VEGA Night cancelled we as an executive board came up with VEGA Night Premiere to give back to our members and supporters, thank them for the wonderful year, and to announce the new and upcoming board for the following year. For the virtual program, VEGA Night consisted of multiple performances ranging from singing, dancing, and an inspirational demonstration of videography. 

The amount of resources we had were limited to whatever was in our grasp, such as recording devices, our access to the internet, and everyone’s cooperation, but with enough communication, time, and creativity we were able to create this event as seen on our Youtube channel. 

To promote this event we advertised thoroughly on our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat, using specially designed graphics to incorporate the theme of a “Movie Premiere” to signify the start of our final even of the year as if it were a movie. In addition to graphic, details such as the date and time were listed to notify the place and time in which we would be premiering our program. 

The process itself was difficult to set up, given the current situation, but many viewers truly enjoyed every minute of our program.

How did this virtual program serve the campus and/or community? What specific topics and/or activities did this program address? How do you evaluate its success, both qualitatively and quantitatively? If applicable, how did the program provide a unique experience that could not have been delivered physically?

This virtual program served the community by giving personal shoutouts to our sponsors. Without them we probably wouldn’t have been able to create what VSA-LSU as it is today. Aside from shouting out the sponsors for cooperating with us, we addressed a couple of topics including the effects due to the current pandemic and the impact of taking risks and chances to really grow. With these topics we were able to connect to not just members of VSA-LSU but with all sorts of people. 

VEGA Night Premiere was definitely a success, even with our small setbacks, we were able to appeal to multiple audiences. Although most of the footage was recorded by phone, compiled together the footage created what is now this year’s VEGA Night. This program provided the unique experience of enjoying an event from the comfort of one’s own home, while still giving the excitement that is portrayed in each year’s VEGA Night. Overall, given the current situation, VEGA Night was able to maintain, if not exceed, it’s grand and exciting atmosphere online as if it was in person. 

How did the organization overcome any challenges that arose while planning and implementing the virtual program? What was the outcome of the program in terms of goals met, successes, and failures?

Setting up VEGA Night was no easy job as it was our first time dealing with such an issue. On the day of VEGA Night we ran into the issue of working with corrupt footage that was later on recovered, but the cost was a minor delay in posting at the scheduled time. Multiple issues were overcome mainly by improvising some of the work as seen in the video, which led to the appreciation and hard work done by our board. The overall outcome of our program was a huge success despite the minor struggles. The event left viewers with a bittersweet close as the final event from the outgoing board and marked the induction of the new board.