University of Washington Seattle

Outstanding Performance

VSAUW at Tết in Seattle 2020


While we typically only highlight our dance team at Tết in Seattle (TIS), an annual Lunar New Year festival, this year we have chosen to highlight the VSAUW as a whole, and our performance and participation at TIS. As one of the four organizations that helped establish TIS in 1996, VSAUW has actively participated in TIS each year. As you may see in our video, “TIS Recap” VSAUW participated in TIS in many different ways. Our dance team, M3, took the stage of TIS by storm for both days of the festival. Our amazing Dance Boss spent weeks choreographing & practicing with the team to provide a stellar performance for the audience. In addition to that, VSAUW had a table booth at the festival where we had a game area of bầu cua cá cọp for kids to win cute trinkets and prizes, made and sold zodiac animal balloons to order, sold buttons, and displayed a cây mai (doubled as a wish tree to make wishes for the new year) that our cultural chair coordinated to make. With this amazing opportunity and experience, our Phở King contestants were able to get volunteer hours in while also wearing beautiful áo dài, and get even more involved in their culture. Additionally, many VSAUW officers, friends of officers, PK contestants, and members participated in the Fashion Show, showcasing designer áo dài crafted by a local community member. Our president was also a staff member at TIS this year. All in all, we are immensely grateful to be a part of this festival each year and to have the opportunity to engage with the greater Vietnamese community in Seattle. 

(see: “VSAUW Dance Team at Tet in Seattle 2020” for full dance team performance).


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