University of Georgia

Most Outstanding Performance

Night in Saigon 16: Traditional Dance

With the use of nón lá (rice paddy hats), short dance fans, and long dance fans, VSA at UGA’s traditional dance group performs to “Su Thanh Hoa”, “Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe” by Hoàng Thuỳ Linh, and “Mình Hẹn Hò Nhau Đi” by Han Sara at “Night in Saigon 16.” This piece features original choreography by Rachel Puuvada, Donald Pham, and Rachel Phan, three newcomers to choreographing for UGA VSA who overcame countless challenges as a team. This year being the highest number of people participating in our traditional dance, and additionally incorporating boys, these choreographers were able to manage not only choreographing, but leading a large group through months of rehearsal. By assigning specific dance instruments to performers, it allowed everyone to be split into smaller sections thus giving choreographers and performers more time one on one and allowed each group an equal amount of time on stage.