University of Georgia

Outstanding Performance

Night in Saigon 16: “Graduation Day”

Graduation day, a day that sums up a student’s entire journey into a one moment that symbolizes the end of a chapter, and the beginning of a new one. All of the restless nights, early mornings, and back breaking hard work that goes unseen to people on the outside, finally realized in one moment that passes by quicker than the smallest flash. The essence of this performance is nothing different. Through months of rehearsal and practice, all of the performers pushed their bodies and minds in order to bask in the seven minutes on stage where all of hard work and dedication pays off. Basking in that greatness, the rush from that day fades away, they remember the journey and all of the lessons, friends, and memories they made along the way. Onward to the new chapter. 

This piece features original Choreography by Jacky Tran, Luc Nguyen, and Richard Pham. 


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