Mercer University

Most Outstanding Performance


“Animedley” was an elaborate piece/ anime medley arranged by Emily Vu specifically for UGA’s Night in Saigon 16 event in January 2020. It was performed by Emily Vu (piano) and her sister Nikki Vu (violin). The piece reflected the show’s theme: “Dare to Speak” by featuring a medley of well-known shonen anime OST’s such as Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Acadamia. This performance was very unique not only for its seamless arrangement and melodic lines, but also with its precise coordination with the corresponding animes playing in the background video. The experience was truly magical in that the crowd felt deeply connected to the music/video, which resulted in harmonious cheers and cries throughout the large, 800 person crowd.

I believe that this was such a special performance. Our love put into the project definitely translated to our delivery on stage, which ultimately resonated to each audience member. I’ve never witnessed or experienced such a direct connection to the audience, and everyone in the show and crowd definitely loved the music as much as we did. I never realized there were so many weebs out there! I loved sharing a piece of my heart and the audience definitely reciprocated. 

I have included the TikTok links to show how it affected the audience and was accepted by the greater public. This performance did not only touch the people at the show, but also 600K people from around the world. (TikTok username: emilyuvu)

Tik Tok Footage