University of Houston

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production

“See you there, old sport!” 11th Annual Vietnamese Extravaganza (VEX) 2020 Promo

Created by our historian, Francis Tran, and starring our VSA officers, this promotional video reveals the theme to our 11th annual charity date auction night which was themed “See you there, old sport!” from the Great Gatsby. The video gives off a classy vibe of the Roaring Twenties bringing viewers back to a classic time of true American tranquility. It hints at an elegant night of fine entertainment, high-class socializing, and the thrill of a mansion party. The mood is very enticing calling viewers to get a ticket to a night they cannot forget. The phrase, “See you there, old sport”, was adopted as the theme for VEX 2020 as a way to invite everyone for a delightful evening. The setting ties it all together truly displaying the prosperity of the 1920’s.