University of Georgia

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production

Thicco Mode

At first, a rap video doesn’t seem like a principal symbol of Vietnamese American culture and what VSA is all about, but “Thicco Mode” is a culmination of just that. Over the course of two months, a perfect storm of eclectic people, dedicated perseverance, limited resources, and stretched creative boundaries all led towards a common goal. In this, the very essence of VSA is exposed: leveraging the myriad of talents and skills of our members to create something the community can enjoy, all while making cheesy Vietnamese-English puns and referencing cultural markers most Vietnamese Americans can relate to. In a way, “Thicco Mode” reflects the American Dream; sure, our parents might have immigrated to America so we could be doctors, but this American Dream also affords us the opportunity to engage in fun projects with our friends while studying to be doctors. A parody rap video is a non-traditional creative outlet that pushes people to be comfortable in the uncomfortable; in fact, most of our rap stars were reserved, camera-shy, and rhythmically challenged, but they tackled the project head on in order to produce a final outcome we were all proud of. “Thicco Mode” is more than a song to sing along to–it’s a reminder of how VSA accomplishes greatness; in other words, “You are about to witness the strength of the Vietnamese Student Association” This video shot and edited by Ben Nguyen and track mix, mastered and featuring Jacky Tran showcases VSA at UGA Executive Board 2019-2020.

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