Seattle University

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production

SUVSA 2019-2020 Yearbook

From our historian, Lina Jung: “The reason behind having a yearbook this year instead of an end of the year video recap was because of everything that’s happened and moving to online classes. I hope that the yearbook can be a way for you to feel connected with each other, and with SUVSA as a whole, even if we aren’t together physically. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the yearbook team for all of your hard work and thank you all for a great year”. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States earlier in 2020, classes shifted to online Zoom learning, and most of our SUVSA members had to go home. At Seattle University, we are blessed to have members from our VSA come from all over the country, from Hawaii to Maine. Unfortunately, I know many members voiced to me they were sad to be away from our SUVSA family due to having to go home. 

In addition to programming such as general meetings, social media campaigns, and language lessons, the yearbook is an extremely creative multimedia production. It is a reflection of everything we were fortunate to do as an organization, from fall to spring. This is the first year a yearbook has been done in SUVSA, and it incorporates photos throughout the year at different events, such as general meetings, member retreat, our Humans of VSA project, and frisbee tournament. The graphics tell a story about our officer board, our members, and the media team that put in so many hours to put this yearbook together. And there are recap videos from each quarter that you can watch in the yearbook, which are a creative way we documented what we did each quarter. We hope you enjoy looking through the yearbook, and feel the love, the hard work, and the care put into making each page beautiful, meaningful, and special to our club. Thank you for your consideration.