Diane Hoang

Outstanding VSA Member of the Year

University of Central Florida


Questions and Answers

Why was this person selected as “Member of the Year” for your organization? What was the criteria to be a recipient of this award?

Diane Hoang is the University of Central Florida’s VASA member of the year due to her perseverance and open arms to uncertainty. Recently, Diane has finished her 2019- 2020 term as VASA’s secretary. Before that, she was running for Vice President as well, but was not voted in. That did not hold her back in her second nomination, and it did not hold her back in applying for staff for the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Southeast (UVSASE). 

The criteria to be a recipient of this award is to not only reach out to your Vietnamese culture and community, but to grow and live within it as well. Diane has always communicated well against adversity, and always acknowledges the opportunity to learn about others, regardless of where they are from. She has exemplified this when applying for Southeast staff, and traveling up north to meet people from VSA’s across our region.

Describe the roles the nominee has held in his/her/their community and how these roles have influenced your organization. Provide examples.

Diane has held two leadership roles in the VSA community. As secretary of her local VSA, Diane has opened different outlooks and methods to communicate with our officer board and with our members. She established a newsletter format to reach out to those who are not informed about our social media platforms. She stays vocal about her critique and ideas during officer meetings, even if the majority doesn’t agree at times. Even then, she focuses on having a better understanding with her peers, especially when figuring out everyone’s boba orders. 

As a marketing & multimedia associate for UVSASE, Diane continues to leave her comfort zone by learning new skills for designing logos and graphics. She is always asking for feedback and critique and doing her best to articulate her vision to others. 

What qualities does the nominee have that makes him/her/them stand out within your organization? Provide examples.

Humility is what makes Diane stand out within our organization. She continues to ask questions everyday, always being a student wherever she is. An example of this is whenever she is working on a project. If it was setting up a google form for officer applications, she will continue to reach out to her president and vice president for feedback and critique. For marketing, she habitually reaches out to her director about how to structure a design, what fonts to utilize, what “composition” means, etc. Diane will always strive to understand more and grow by having that sense of humility.