University of Washington - Bothell (VSAUWB Culture Show 2019 - Girls Dance)

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: University of Washington – Bothell

This year, VSA UWB held their 3rd annual Culture Show titled “Remember,” conveying a theme about remembering one’s identity and upbringing. Within the show, the girl’s fan dance was showcased and it resonated the theme very well. From the costumes to the fans, the simple yet intricacy of this fan dance allowed us to remind ourselves and remember that Vietnamese culture is simple, yet exquisite. The essence of this fan dance told a story of how simple things can come together to create something even greater and rich, and that is what the Vietnamese culture is all about.

Additional Information

In addition to the girl’s fan dance, the boy’s modern dance and girl’s hat dance is also included to showcase how far Vietnamese music has modernized while also retaining its beautiful roots. The culture we are a part of is so rich that we are able to remember and see the growth and transformation of Vietnamese music itself within this show. The girl’s hat dance utilized the bamboo hat, a traditional hat resembling the humble yet meaningful culture that we live in. On the other hand, the boy’s modern dance expressed the modern and bustling society we live in while also retaining the Vietnamese essence.