University of Maryland College Park (2019 Modern Dance)

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: University of Toronto Mississauga

Performance Title: Legend of the Milky Way

UTM VSA shares a rich history in the Ignite Cultural Show starting from 2015. Together, our passion and commitment has set us to where we are today and more importantly it has brought us closer to the gia dình we had found. Our goal was to unite like minded students with different stories; to create a kindred student community with a strong heart for the Vietnamese culture. Little did we all know when we first joined the club how important and significant our efforts would turn out to be. A big part of us is the magic we will share with you in this year’s play — Legend of the Milky Way.

Plot Summary:
Chuc Nu and her sisters sneaked out of Heaven for a swim on Earth. While herding his cattle by the waterfall, Nguu Lang discovers the angels and falls in love with Chuc Nu at first sight. Not knowing how to get her attention, he steals her wings. Unable to return to Heaven with her sisters, Chuc Nu is alone and scared. Nguu Lang appears to be her saviour and offers her a home. They fall in love and live happily, until one day their corrupted foundation of love is revealed. Chuc Nu abandons her family on Earth to live in Heaven. Years later, however, Chuc Nu and Nguu Lang still have feelings for
each other. They beg The King of Heaven to let them live together. The King disapproves, but settles with them meeting once a year on the seventh lunar month.


We hope you are all excited about Ignite XXI: Legends of Our Home (Đất Nước Huyền Thoại)! In order to get you all ready for the big day, we’ll be releasing individual promotional videos of the VSAs that will be performing! To start, here is UTM Vietnamese Student Association with a little sneak peek of what is to come!

Posted by UVSA Eastern Canada on Friday, February 15, 2019