University of Florida (Tet 2019: Peppa Heo)

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: University of Florida

Production name: Tet 2019: Peppa Heo

For those who missed the Tet show this past weekend, check out our video featuring the story of Peppa Heo! (Make sure to watch the whole video so you don't miss the bloopers! xD)Thank you everyone again for attending the show! <3

Posted by Vi So on Friday, February 8, 2019

This video was played as VSO’s introduction/welcome for our 2019 Tet show: it’s a pretty PIG deal. Using a creative idea, we were able to blend Vietnamese culture and trending topics in social media into one video. Peppa Pig was an ongoing meme/topic at the time and she is literally a pig, which was this year’s zodiac animal. So, we thought it best fitting to incorporate that theme into our show. Even though the goal of our video was to be humorous, we were still able to incorporate Vietnamese elements, such as aoi dais, which are traditional cultural clothes worn during that holiday. We were able to get a good laugh out of the audience, yet emphasize our pillar of cultural awareness.