University of Central Florida (To the Ones Who Raised Us)

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: University of Central Florida

Production name: To the Ones Who Raised Us

Every year, the Vietnamese American Student Association at UCF presents two culture shows: One that celebrates Tết Trung Thu (more commonly referred to as TTT or the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival) in the fall semester, and one that celebrates Tết in the spring.

With each culture show, we always implement a theme to send a message to our audience and make each showcase stand out. At our Tết Trung Thu show this year, the theme that we carefully chose was “Remembering Our Roots”; coming into college or university, we get so absorbed with the transition into a new stage of our life that we often briefly forget about our parents and the ones who raised us. This year our show paid tribute and remembrance to our families, and this video (which was made for and shown at the event) was purposed to embody our theme.

In this interview-styled video, interviewees were not only asked to talk about their relationships with their parents and to describe their family life, but also encouraged to recall their most recent conversations and asked what they would say if they could only say one last thing to their parents. The last segment of the video involved an optional activity where the interviewees could choose whether or not to call their parents on the spot and tell them how much they appreciated them with no context.

The purpose of this video was to share a narrative that many of us college students can relate to, in regards to our parents and those who raised us. When watching this video, the intent is for the viewer to be able to relate and also to encourage the viewer to re-evaluate their relationship with their parents.