Statement on Black Lives Matter 2020


In response to the death of George Floyd, and resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests, UNAVSA released a statement on May 29, 2020:

With heavy hearts, UNAVSA mourns the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Dreasjon Reed, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and the many other Black people taken from us by police brutality and institutional violence. Our organization unilaterally condemns anti-Black racism and violence, as well as the agencies and individuals who continue to uphold racial inequity and inflict violence upon our society. The U.S. continues to kill and oppress people without consequence and we, as a community, cannot stand by without taking action towards racial justice.

Just as Black and African Americans once advocated for an end to senseless American violence in Southeast Asia and paved the way for a unified Asian American community, we, as Vietnamese and Asian people must act in solidarity. We hold a responsibility to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery, justice for Dreasjon Reed, justice for Breonna Taylor, justice for George Floyd, justice for Tony McDade, and all people whose deaths are allowed to pass unchecked by the American public and government.

The U.S. was founded and continues to thrive based on the exploitation of Black and Brown people, but Asian, Southeast Asian, and Vietnamese communities cannot continue to embrace the model minority myth at the expense of other groups’ oppression. As an organization built for and by immigrants and children of immigrants, many of whom are survivors of war, UNAVSA refuses to remain silent and ignore the devastating impacts of institutional injustice. Fighting anti-Asian racism, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, must always include combating anti-Blackness within our own communities—friends, families, and strangers alike.

UNAVSA calls upon its constituents to take immediate and direct action by visiting the links below to sign petitions, donate to support funds, and contact our government to demand justice.

Minnesota Freedom Fund:
George Floyd Memorial Fund:
Justice for Big Floyd Petition and Phone Banking:
I Run With Maud (for Ahmaud Arbery’s family):
Run with Maud Petition and Phone Banking:
Justice for Breonna Taylor Petition and Fundraiser:
Stand with Bre Petition and Phone Banking:
National Bail Out Fund – Free Black Mamas:


The published statement can be found here.


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July 28, 2020