Statement Against ICE Policy on International Students


UNAVSA released a statement against a recent policy update from ICE that would force international students to partake in in-person classes or risk being removed from the United States. The original post is published here. Excerpts from the statement are included below

While many universities have already announced their reopening plans, there are still many that have yet to make a decision. Many international students pay full tuition and the revenue generated from them helps moderate federal and state education budget cuts. This policy will pressure universities to reopen for the sake of their international students at the expense of their students’ and staffs’ safety.

ICE has continuously targeted immigrants within our country, regardless of their economic and academic background. We are outraged that ICE has made another policy that not only hurts immigrants but also America. UNAVSA stands in solidarity with all immigrants and we encourage our community members to reach out to their respective schools to encourage them to join the already existing lawsuit against ICE and urge your members of Congress to protect international students.


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July 13, 2020