Sexual Assault Awareness Month #NoMore Pledge


For Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020, UNAVSA joined NO MORE ORG as part of the #NoMore Pledge.  We also included the following information in our initial release.

By pledging with the NO MORE Project, you are asserting that you will do your best to:
1). Know More about Sexual Assault and the warning signs or red flags for domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse as a critical first step in addressing and preventing these crimes.
2). Stand With Survivors – Help Survivors find the help they need and be a safe space for them to share their experiences with
3). Speak Up – Challenge yourself to use language that does not diminish survivors, and to speak out for yourself or others that have experienced sexual violence
4). Give Back – Find ways to give back your time or money to spreading the word about safe and consensual sexual encounters

Not only is sexual assault a pervasive issue, but due to COVID-19 many victims are quarantined with their abuser or forced to remain in an unsafe situation. We recommend everyone read the following articles to better contextualize sexual assault and COVID-19. | | |

For more resources on sexual assault, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the NO MORE Project, and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), please check out the links below. We strongly recommend checking them out if you or your VSA is wanting to do a campaign as well. | | |


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April 15, 2020