Mercer University

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production

Stranger Things: Mercer VSA Executive Board Reveal 2019-2020

This video was created and writted by Emily Vu to feature and reveal the 2019-2020 Mercer VSA Exec Board. It is a short film that ties Stranger Things characters and plotline elements and relates it to Vietnamese culture. Many Stranger Things easter eggs were adapted to reflect and celebrate the Vietnamese culture, such as the Vietnamese alphabet being represented on the alphabet lights to communicate with “Will,” or the Pandan eggo waffles that everyone wishes were real. In just 5-6 minutes, there is a purposeful, powerful, and compact storyline that captures multiple Stranger Things seasons elements, and the embodiment of the Stranger Things characters as well. The video depicts a call to action that brings all of the characters together, in order to combat the danger upon Hawkins and ultimately unite to take on the new VSA school year. 

This was an elaborate production that took about 1-2 months of writing, planning, and shooting. We also had extnesive photoshoots for each cast member to accompany the video as well.