Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation 2010

Amount Raised: $59,529

In the CPP’s fifth year, uNAVSA raised money for the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) “500 Oral Histories Project” to execute a large-scale project where the young Vietnamese American generation to interview the older Vietnamese American generation for their amazing stories of escaping Vietnam and transitioning to America. VAHF will then document and preserve these stories so that Vietnamese American generations to come will have a reference of these accounts. We raised a total of $59,529.02 which is the highest amount ever raised in the inception of CPP five years ago. The goal of the 500 Oral Histories Project is to document over five hundred interviews in an effort to preserve the unique and diverse experiences of Vietnamese Americans across the country.


The Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 that is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of the history and heritage of Vietnamese Americans. It is organized by a board of directors. Since 2004, VAHF has gifted over 300,000 photographs and refugee processing documents to the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University, and produced two award-winning documentary films, Master Hoa’s Requiem (2015) and Vietnamerica (2016). VAHF began this online resources project, the Vietnamese in the Diaspora Digital Archive (ViDDA), in 2017.