Policy Focuses

As the largest organization for young Vietnamese Americans and Vietnamese Canadians, UNAVSA’s work primarily focuses on civic education. We are dedicated to ensuring that each generation actively engages with issues that affect Vietnamese communities across North America.


We advocate against the deportation pipeline and support policies that enforce sanctuary city protections and improve indigenous relations. We also provide educational materials on how immigration policies have shaped Vietnamese communities in the US and Canada.

Public Health

We promote awareness of mental health services and dialogue, and support policies that ensure fair healthcare services for Vietnamese communities.


We promote awareness of ethnic studies and Asian American studies curriculums and Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISI), and support improvements to equal access to higher education.

Political Power

We focus primarily on a fair Census count and voter education and mobilization, especially in major Vietnamese enclaves. Additionally, we actively advocate for improvements in language access and data disaggregation policies.

Economic Justice

We support workers’ rights to fair, healthy, and safe working conditions, as well to a living wage.