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UNAVSA Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

This statement was originally released on UNAVSA’s social media account on Friday March 19. As of March 25, 2021, various regional organizations signed onto our statement. Canva Link: CW: Harm,...

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Statement On Community Safety

Dear community members, We are writing to you in acknowledgment and deep regret for UNAVSA’s actions outlined in the open letter written by our former staff member, Michelle Dao. UNAVSA has failed to provide a safe environment for our constituents and a sense of...

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Statement On Sexual Assault

Dear community members, In light of recent events regarding sexual assault within our communities, UNAVSA would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to prioritize and maintain a safe environment. Staff and volunteers of UNAVSA, when accepting to...

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UNAVSA’s Statement On COVID-19

Dear community members, In the last few months, COVID-19—commonly referred to as the “novel coronavirus”—has exacerbated public health and economic crises, shuttered small businesses and public institutions, and is now labeled by the Center for Disease Control and...

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Press Release: Alumni Mentorship Program 2018 Launch

At UNAVSA, we understand that education is most powerful when applied, and are ecstatic to announce the launch of our Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) for 2018. This program is geared towards current students or young adults who are looking to take the next step in...

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UNAVSA is Thankful for You!

Dear Friends & Family, The start of the holiday season is upon us! We here at UNAVSA hope our members are able to spend quality time with loved ones this Thanksgiving. Our organization is immensely thankful for our members’ limitless efforts in strengthening and...

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2018 Women’s History Month

A Piece by Natalie Doan-Dunnum Since 1986, March has been declared as National Women’s History Month, where we honor the achievements of women. Women have accomplished a multitude of things in history that range from uncovering extraordinary discoveries in science,...

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Why I Vote

A piece by Kevin Le | August 6, 2018 Why I Vote. Voting gives voice. It gives us--as individuals and as a community--the opportunity to be heard. Fact: It was not until 1948 that all Asian Canadians were granted the right to vote in the federal election after the...

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