Executive Board Positions

Read more below to learn more the roles and responsibilities of each Executive Board position.

  • Maintain general active management of the business of the organization
  • Ensure the effective action of the Executive Board in governing and supporting the organization and oversees Executive Board affairs
  • Acts as the representative of the entire organization, including speaking to the media and the community on behalf of the organization
  • Recommends and develops new committees, training, policies, and structures to be established to maintain general operations and growth of UNAVSA
  • Provides and maintains strategic direction of the organization to ensure initiatives and programs are reflective of UNAVSA’s audience current needs and wants
  • Manages and supports UNAVSA resource hub, VSAcademy, overseeing the overall activities of the committee, including content curation, quality assurance, and providing strategic direction 
  • Manages and supports the planning the UNAVSA Leadership Conference, including facilitating the location selection process
  • Selects and oversees the Elections Committee during elections year
  • Serves as the liaison and Eboard representative for the UNAVSA Board of Directors
  • Maintains active communication and updates with regional organizations through the Presidents’ Council
  • Files any certificates required by any statute, federal or state
Internal Vice-President
  • Act as the President in the absence of the President
  • Assist the President on the above or other specified duties
  • Manage inter-organizational issues and operations, such as staff development, internal policy development, and managing internal staff interactions
  • Leads the Council of Regional Representatives (CORR) in their UNAVSA specific roles and provides support in their duties of regional development
    • Collaborates with Cabinet to develop annual CORR projects
    • Hosts bi-weekly discussions on relevant topics for the North American VSA community
    • Facilitates any voting process as required by UNAVSA constitutions
  • Develop relationships with regional partners and other VSAs
  • Collaborate with the External Vice President to plan and execute grassroots campaigns within regional partner network
  • Oversees the work of the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) with support from the External Vice President and Treasurer
    • Develops the overall vision and goals for CPP
    • Facilitates the collaboration between the four (4) committees with support from External Vice-President and Treasurer
External Vice-President
  • Act as the President in the absence of the President and Internal Vice-President
  • Represent UNAVSA in coalitions and stakeholder space, and act as official liaison of the organization to all external partners and community members
  • Maintain and develop relationships with Vietnamese, Southeast Asian, and Asian communities, as well as other relevant non-profit, non-governmental and other relevant organizations
  • Conduct outreach to build common cause with relevant coalition members
  • Collaborate with coalitions and community organizations on the development and execution of strategic activities, campaigns, and other grassroots mobilizations
  • Oversee development and implementation of organizational civic engagement initiatives and policy direction
  • Lead organization in response to current events and political updates
  • Oversee development of initiatives to engage alumni
  • Oversee execution of UNAVSA mentorship program
  • Assess and expand the UNAVSA network through ongoing and progressive action
  • Act as the President in the absence of the President, Internal Vice-President, and External Vice-President
  • Manage the Board’s review of, and action relating to its financial responsibilities, including properly maintaining UNAVSA’s 501(c)(3) status and business registration status.
  • Supports sponsorship team in seeking and applying for fundraising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Ensure timely processing of financial statements with appropriate government bodies, including working with third-party resources (e.g., accountants and lawyers)
  • Approves and manages all cabinet and conference committee budgets
  • Process all financial transactions and maintain accurate records of transactions
  • Must be one of the officers who shall sign checks or drafts of the organization. No special fund may be set aside that shall make it unnecessary for the Treasurer to sign the checks issued upon it
  • Serve as the Finance Director for the annual conference and the financial liaison for other major initiatives (e.g., SEARAC grant)
  • Maintenance of virtual assets, software, and accounts (e.g., payments, and renewals)
  • Prepare financial reports on a basis determined by the Executive Board for review by the Board of Directors
  • Act as the President in the absence of the President, Internal Vice-President, and External Vice-President, and Treasurer
  • Coordinate all technological onboarding and offboarding for staff and volunteers
  • Facilitates official communications to the public with the goal of maintaining transparency
  • Organizes all voting measures to the appropriate voting entities
  • Accountable for internal organization of records and managing clearance to appropriate entities
  • Manage the UNAVSA virtual mailbox
  • Manage the delivery and record-keeping of all contracts
  • Coordinates the scheduling, organizing, and execution of technological platforms for public communications
  • Serve as primary support for administrative and technological needs
  • Give and serve all notices to members of this organization
  • Shall submit to relevant constituents any documents or records when appropriately requested as Secretary of the organization