Interested in learning more about previous Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) Beneficiaries and their impact on the Vietnamese community? CPP Engagement is excited to release infographics in 2020 highlighting the impact of our collaborations.

CPP Engagement is excited to release our very first infographic in 2020 highlighting the impact of our collaborations with previous beneficiaries: The Vietnamese Alliance to Combat Trafficking (VietACT) was the 2005-2006 UNAVSA Collective Philanthropy Project beneficiary and their main focus was human trafficking.

Kids Without Borders has been able to provide support for orphans through their Teach Me to Fish project as well as establishing a scholarship program, which prepares under served kids for life beyond  the orphanage. This program helps kids build skills to enter college and vocational training.

Their mission is to build bright futures for vulnerable children in Vietnam by:

1. Assisting children, families, and communities in breaking the cycle of poverty, ill health, and homelessness.

2. Provide immediate aid to children and families in crisis.

This project that UNAVSA helped fund include reintegration services for trafficking survivors, vocational training scholarships for at-risk-youth and skills culbs to build leadership skills for disadvantaged youth.

M.E.M.O aims to serve the underprivileged by addressing their medical and eucational nees through: Medical missions, dental & heart programs, and the HOPE Project/ Funded in 2007, they are comprised of volunteer students, physicians and other health professionals.