“It isn’t right, but it’s just how things are.” The most overused excuse to normalize the injustices we experience on a daily basis. We are forced to accept the inequity and invisibility of our voices. There has always been a need for change, but it has always been viewed as difficult or unlikely because of the lack of power or support. We are in a time of turmoil, where more often than not — people are unwilling to voice their thoughts, opinions, and injustices. The pitfall of change isn’t people’s unwillingness to voice their own perspectives, but the lack of compassion and understanding for all perspectives. Individuals, people, communities, and organizations choose to operate singularly instead of collectively. It is stated that there is power amongst numbers, however, this is not put into volition as people get trapped in the spiral of silence. Unite to Ignite is a collective response to say, “that’s no longer acceptable.” Resiliency is deeply rooted in our community’s tapestry. It is personified in our willingness to push back against the ease of inconvenience. Within our solidarity as a community is the urge to resist, inspire, and fight for change. Together we are powerful, together we create ripples of change.

This year’s conference theme Unite to Ignite,reflects the organization’s mission to empower the next generation of leaders with a passion for service, propensity for leadership, and self-awareness. We hope you will join us this summer in Portland, Oregon where UNAVSA presents the 17th Annual Leadership Conference: “Unite to Ignite.” Please continue to follow our social media channels for updated information on conference planning and how to engage with conference.