VE-2 Community Agreements

July 2021

Content Warning: mention of harm, trauma

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UNAVSA is committed to an organizing environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. All members of and affiliated with UNAVSA deserve to both a) feel safe and b) be safe in all environments. Our commitment is rooted in a survivor-centric and trauma-informed approach to the reduction of violence, harm, abuse, and to their consequences. The 2020-2022 UNAVSA Executive Board (E-Board) focuses on community-based responses to harm.


By registering and attending UNAVSA Virtual Experience 2 (or VE-2), I agree to the following:


I will do my best to be respectful of others in shared spaces with me. I will do my best to avoid using racist, sexist, and oppressive language, as well as violent language.


Consent Culture

I will do my best to honor consent in all of its forms, both to myself and others.


I will do my best to center the needs of survivors of harm, and empathetic to those who have faced traumatic experiences if they share those experiences with me.


I will do my best to use content and trigger warnings when discussing sensitive topics.


I will do my best to respect the intentional or implicit boundaries in any of the following spaces: VE-2 keynotes, workshops, games, chats, and communication on platforms outside of Zoom. For example, in a workshop, a facilitator may have a set of community agreements they would like attendees to abide by.


I will treat others, and myself, with respect and grace. If I make a mistake and get approached for accountability, I will do my best to not be defensive and take it constructively.


Regarding Harm

I have read the current UNAVSA Community Safety (July 2021) policy. I understand that an option that I have in responding to harm is the UNAVSA Community Safety Reporting Form. I understand that if I choose not to report and/or request an investigation, there are other steps that E-Board is willing to discuss with survivors to ensure safe spaces, to both maintain safety, while still honoring our organization’s values and current direction. Regardless of the request to submit a report or forgo an investigation, the E-Board and VE-2 event organizers (VE-2 staff) may take action to ensure safe spaces during VE-2. 


I will do my best to support those experiencing harm by intervening myself, or asking designated UNAVSA organization members for guidance and mediation.


I understand that if I am harmful to others during my physical, verbal, written participation in UNAVSA Virtual Experience 2 (keynote speakers, workshops, games, chats), that I may be asked by E-Board or VE-2 staff to stop certain behaviors or asked to leave the space for an indefinite amount of time.


I understand that if I find myself making other VE-2 participants feel unsafe, I may be asked to leave the space.


Please note that this document may be updated at any time. 


An email notification will be sent to communicate any such changes, and the footer of this document will be updated to reflect such changes.