Dat Nguyen

Current City: New Orleans, LA

UNAVSA Involvement

  • UNAVSA-4 Audio/ Visual
  • UNAVSA 2012-14 External Vice President

Connect with Dat

How did you get involved with UNAVSA?

I joined as a staff member of the Audio/Visual group at UNAVSA-4 New Orleans. I eventually signed up as a workshop speaker and began sharing my experiences with conference attendees. Years later, I was influenced to run for UNAVSA’s External Vice-President.

Tell us about a favorite memory working with UNAVSA.

My favorite memories working with UNAVSA involved meeting leaders from all over. I was fortunate to have individuals offer their homes, take me out to eat, and pick me up from the airport whenever I visited their city. For those reading this, thank you for welcoming me to your homes (you know who you are!).

What’s your current career path?

I am a Motivational Speaker and Leadership Trainer for schools, companies, and organizations. I currently reside in Houston and progressing towards a Life Coaching certification. Part of this experience involves me assisting in executive coaching for business owners/leaders.

What is your work attire? How do you feel about it?

Work attire consists of a tie and a suit. On a hot southern day, I try to get away with a polo dress shirt and dress pants!

What does your workplace, workspace, or desk look like?

I generally have a large mouse pad and use board games to elevate my laptop to get better posture.

What are your thoughts on what it means to be professional in 2018?

My thoughts about being professional in 2018 involve having fun. It is about being a part of an environment that allows you to be yourself and to show your best character. One doesn’t have to be “rigid” and strict to show their professionalism. It’s about getting results and having fun! Disclaimer: don’t be “sloppy” and show poor judgment.

Is your job/ company hiring?

Sorry! Currently not hiring! Keep an eye out in the future though.

How has UNAVSA helped you become the person you are today?

UNAVSA has helped me with my work ethic, professionalism, and speaking presence. I was fortunate to work with a team that brought the best of my abilities. The UNAVSA community has reinforced the connections and positivity within my life.

What are your hopes for the future of UNAVSA? How would you continue to support UNAVSA and your own community?

I hope the UNAVSA community continue to “Fly Together” (ah, saw what I did there?). I enjoy seeing staff members, attendees, and leaders build very close connections while achieving results. I would continue to support my community and UNAVSA by sharing my experiences and advice to leaders who are trying to find their way. Seminars and training are available for any organizations who are seeking growth.

Do you have any last words such as shoutouts or advices for potential UNAVSA Alumni?

My advice for everyone is to always seek ways to make others better. Keep learning and leave room open for growth and positive critiques. When others are offering their criticisms, they’re breaking out of their comfort zone to help you. Find the learning lessons that will help you to become a better leader. Leave this world a little better than you found it. Sending much love to the Gulf Coast Region, the regions that welcomed and hosted me when I traveled to them, #4ever UNAVSA Eboard, and to the attendees/leaders/staff who make UNAVSA great.

Thank you, Dat, for being a UNAVSA Engaged Alumni!