Executive Board

The executive board is the driving force of UNAVSA with task planning, organizing, and approving operations. The board manages the operations in accordance to the organization’s missions and values, as well as reviews short and long-term plans to sustain the structure of UNAVSA. Each executive member serves a two-year term and is elected by attendees at the annual conference. Read more below on the seventh UNAVSA Executive Board:

Thoa Kim Nguyen

Thoa Kim Nguyen


Thoa Kim Nguyen originally hails from Denver, Colorado and currently resides & works in the D.C., Northern Virginia area as a project manager for a Forensic Accounting firm. Before becoming a project manager, she operated as a marketing consultant and business strategist specializing in branding. Curious and intrigued by the business world, Thoa pursued a business program with the dreams of owning her own company. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University Business School with Magna Cum Laude honors in both degrees – bachelors in Marketing and an MBA in Business Management.

Seeing the importance of serving her Vietnamese community, she continually dedicates time to various projects and organizations. She currently serves as President of the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations. Her past positions: UNAVSA-6 Entertainment Staff, Southwest Regional Representative, UNAVSA-7 Marketing Director, UNAVSA-8 Co-Executive Director, Co-CPP Campaign Director, and Secretary of the Executive board,. Thoa also served as President of the Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (SWUVSA) in 2012, an organization she co-founded alongside her brother Phong Kim Nguyen.

In her spare time, she enjoys expanding her world by growing her side business as a professional hair and makeup artist, eating extremely spicy food, writing, watching documentaries, singing and chasing after cats.

Catch glimpse of her personal life here and her hair and makeup business here.

Jennifer Nghe

Jennifer Nghe

Internal Vice President

Jennifer Nghe currently resides in Chicago and works as a Quality Assurance Analyst for a private SaaS firm. She was born and raised in New York state and graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 

She began her involvement in the Vietnamese community in 2011 and was inspired by the family-like community of VSA. She continued on to hold leadership positions within her college’s VSA, the New England Intercollegiate Vietnamese Student Association, and UNAVSA. Her previous leadership positions include 2013-2014 Co-President of New England IVSA, 2014-2015 President of BUVSA, 2014-2015 New England Co-CORR, UNAVSA-12 Registration Director, and UNAVSA-13 Executive Director. She currently serves as the Internal Vice President of UNAVSA.

Aside from VSA, Jenn enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and trying out new baking recipes.

Jenni Huynh

Jenni Huynh

External Vice President

Jenni Huynh grew up in Utah and started her VSA journey at the University of Houston in 2009. After she receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, she went after her true love, architecture, and received her Master of Architecture at the University of Oregon. Aiming to combine her love of the Vietnamese community and architecture, she is aspiring to design sustainable housing in lesser developed countries, starting in Vietnam. Now she is working for an architecture firm in Houston specializing in healthcare design and sustainability. For Jenni, the most important aspect of UNAVSA’s mission statement is empowerment.

The External Vice President position is a great vessel to build alumni relations and begin the foundation of civic engagement for our constituents while strengthening partnerships with the greater Vietnamese community and like-minded organizations. She believes and completely supports the notion that UNAVSA empowers the current leaders within our Vietnamese community to propel our love of culture, thirst for leadership, and positive progression of Vietnamese rights in Northern America and, ultimately, the world. Dumbledore stated, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided,” and that is what makes UNAVSA so powerful to her – our sense of community and unity. In her free time, Jenni loves to hike, read Harry Potter, and go on architecture adventures (where she will nerd out about the coolest design facts).

Phuc Phan

Phuc Phan


Phuc Phan was born in Saigon, Vietnam and was raised in Northern California. Currently, he’s an Office Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). He is an alumnus of Emory University where he began his involvement with the Vietnamese community in Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast region. From there, he has continued to serve his community through various leadership roles, including President of UVSA Georgia, UNAVSA Southeast CoRR, Conference Programming Director for UNAVSA-12, and Conference Associate Co­-Director for UNAVSA­-13. He hopes to be able to preserve and share his passion for the Vietnamese culture and language among his peers. His favorite past time activities include eating at buffets and playing all types of games. He also has a strong love for Pusheen.

Ly Nguyen

Ly Nguyen


Ly Nguyen was born in Saigon, Vietnam and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 3. She was raised in the Emerald City of Seattle and graduated from Seattle University as a Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science & Software Engineering. Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ly is a Software Development Engineer for Amazon Web Services by day and an amateur foodie by night.

Ly found her love for the Vietnamese culture and commitment to leadership with Seattle University VSA. She was involved in various roles with the organization throughout college, led Northwest VSA Leadership Summit after graduation, and went on to UNAVSA as one of two Conference Executive Interns and Collective Philanthropy Project – Selection Committee staff.

As UNAVSA Secretary, her interests lie in preserving the Vietnamese community in North America. She hopes to strengthen engagement, mentorship, and education initiatives.

Previous Executive Boards


President: My-Phuong Ly
Internal VP: Lucy Tran
External VP: Frank Huynh
Treasurer: Hop Hoang
Secretary: Timmy Vo


President: Lan Anh Nguyen
Internal VP: Nghia Le
External VP: Dat Nguyen
Treasurer: Thuy-Lan Doan
Secretary: Vu Thai


President: Dan Huynh
Internal VP: Lan Anh Nguyen
External VP: Andrew-Brian Nguyen
Treasurer: Long Nguyen
Secretary: Thoa Kim Nguyen


President: Brian Vo
Internal VP: Don Ngyen
External VP: Kim Vu
Treasurer: Jennifer Le
Secretary: Nick Ngo


President: Hai Ton
Internal VP: Huy Tran
External VP: Minh Thanh
Treasurer: Aileen Pham
Secretary: Victor Nguyen


President: Tony Ngo


President: Quoc Phan