Alumni Membership Dues

Why Dues? To sustain our operations and mission we are also introducing Alumni Membership Dues providing year round benefits. The dues are optional but allow you to contribute at a level or tier you feel comfortable. 
Benefits that we are executing and planning for 2018 and beyond are:

  • Deliberate Alumni focused conference planning and discounts on sponsorships
  • Swag to show off your pride such as t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and more
  • A well managed mentorship program
  • More to come such as future events and highlights


Definition of a “UNAVSA Alumni”

UNAVSA Alumni are any former officially recognized member who has served under UNAVSA for a minimum of one year as: Cabinet Staff Member, Conference Staff Member, Cabinet Director, Conference Staff Director, CORR member, and/or Executive Board Member.

ALUMNI Membership Benefits:

Membership and Benefits Graphic (1)

The Aware Alum $0

  • access to directory, VSAcademy resources, and social media
  • invitation to UNAVSA conference ceremonies (not workshop tracks)
  • invitation to public alumni networking events (at conference)
  • invitation to join the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP)
  • invitation to be a part of Alumni Spotlight
  • participation to year round alumni activity
  • UNAVSA Alumni Certificate

The Interested Alum $25

  • all the above and …
  • choice of attending either the standard UNAVSA workshop tracks or the alumni catered tracks
  • automated registration to the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP)
  • UNAVSA Alumni pin

Pay for your dues now

The Engaged Alum $50

  • all the above and …
  • 10% discount in ad space
  • 30% discount in conference registration

Pay for your dues now

The Developed Alum $75

  • all the above and …
  • 20% discount in ad space
  • 40% discount in conference registration

Pay for your dues now

The Advocate Alum $100

  • all the above and …
  • 30 % complimentary quarterly ad space
  • 50% discount in conference registration

Pay for your dues now

More Questions?

We made a FAQ to help answer specific questions.  If you have a more specific question please feel free to email our team at