Alumni Mentorship Program

Over the course of building their careers, alumni have developed a unique set of experiences and learnings. However, as time passes, alumni participate less and less with UNAVSA and its new generation of members, having to re-learn those same lessons. The Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) seeks to engage alumni with high potential members to help develop the next generation of Vietnamese leaders and professionals through lived experiences in their career paths and with their involvements within the community.

Our vision is a mentorship program that creates a professional coaching relationship between the mentor and mentee demonstrating interest in pursuing a similar career path. Mentors will help createa  development path for the mentee, guiding them over one year, and mentees will provide a level of commitment to self-development. Each year culminates in a leadership summit where mentors discuss feedback and mentees present accomplishments through the experiential learning program.

Program Goals


  • Leverage experiences of Alumni Mentors in various industries for mentees
  • Provide opportunities to connect peers and colleagues for mentees
  • Facilitate opportunities for skills development associated with specific fields for mentees


  • Enhance self-understanding of strengths and areas of growth as leaders and learners
  • Provide opportunities to gain awareness of values, interests, interpersonal skill development, and career specific skills through formal and informal experiential experiences


  • Facilitate exploration and empowerment among the multiple dimensions of identity
  • Raise self-awareness of being Vietnamese
  • Discuss practical ways to build coalitions within the Vietnamese communities and beyond
  • Develop personal mentoring philosophies and leadership development

Program Offerings

Personalized Coaching

Through an initial assessment of mentee’s and mentor’s specific and personal (1) goals and objectives, (2) strengths and (3) development areas, the ARC will be able to match mentorship relationship based of specific areas of needs of mentees and areas of expertise of mentors. Each monthly group webinar will consist of 1 formal and 1 informal session. After formal learning session, mentors are expected to develop appropriate and specific learning opportunity connected with topic to career field related experience for mentee. Curriculum will be provided to mentors prior to facilitation.

Group Workshops

Through the AMP Group Workshop curriculum, the mentees will have exposure towards personal development within professional, social, and individual realms of experiences and identities. Group workshops are required for mentees. AMP Group Workshops will be hosted (*once / twice a month*) through webinars in facilitating trainings and discussions. Suggested topics include:





Resume building


Defining leadership

Career fair etiquette


How to Lead

Email etiquette


Opportunities to Lead

Interviewing skills


Interpersonal skills


Co-Curricular Activities


Social Justice

What organizations to join


Social justice 101

How to create transferrable experiences

Genuine friendships


How to get active

Social networks


How to be “involved” after higher education

Social media

Intersecting identities



My Major


What is an identity

Switching majors

Physical health

Social identity wheel

Course selections

Mental health

Story maps


Sleeping habits

Who am I

Meetings with advisors


learn more and apply

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee? Read more on our program timeline and guidelines for being involved in the program and apply here. 

Applications are currently closed, but will open May 2018.

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