For the month of May our theme is Music is Universal. All the songs in this playlist are Vietnamese covers of their original counterpart. Many of the songs are originated from Korea or China and had their lyrics translated into Vietnamese. I hope that some of these bring back memories and are throwbacks of some of your childhood songs. Enjoy.  

Welcome to our new monthly music discovery project. This project seeks to help curate a monthly playlist with music that has to do with Vietnamese music. In these playlists, songs are submitted to the curator for addition or chosen by the curator based on the monthly theme. These playlists can be shared and embedded using the open source “SoundCloud” so individuals have the option to use the music in whichever medium that will provide the user with the best possible experience. 
This project falls under the umbrella of culture. Music is a universal language that helps individuals connect back to their culture. Songs are written just like history books and contain information from specific times. The main idea behind this project is to follow a different era or mood that will be on a rotation which will allow a large amount of music to be share among our constituents.
Ideas to use these playlists:
  • They can be used in general body meetings to introduce their members to Vietnamese music. 
  • They can be used to help with music discovery for cultural dance or variety shows
Submitting a Theme or Song? Click here! 

Past Months:
February: Love is in the Air 
March: Xuan Xuan Xuan 
April: Sadboi Hours