Welcome to the UNAVSA Blog

UNAVSA is proud to present the relaunch of the UNAVSA Blog! The blog will be a platform for UNAVSA members and external contributors to engage our community through a collective of creative storytelling. The blog will feature personal narratives, photography portfolios, and other multimedia that resonate with the North American Vietnamese voice and reflect the pillars of UNAVSA. Along with our digital communication through social media posts, press releases, and newsletters, the blog will reveal the intimate and humanistic personality of UNAVSA. All content will be produced by our organization’s members.


The first year of the blog will be dedicated to sharing the North American Vietnamese voice by highlighting the extraordinary stories and talents of individuals from diverse backgrounds. These stories will be released in “series,” similar to newspaper columns. Some of the upcoming series this year include:


Professional Confession”: Working professionals who share their stories about their pathway to their current career and profession. They will share the awkward struggles, sweet successes, awful tragedies of their careers, and of course, how their passion guided them.

“Presidential Perspective”: A special contribution from the current UNAVSA President, Thoa Kim Nguyen. This will be a series of a few short stories from Thoa’s experiences as the face of UNAVSA and about her life as a Vietnamese American female.

Lifetime Series”: Totally different from the TV channel, this series will resemble travel blogs, exploration, and pieces capturing individual experiences with going against the social norm. It will also feature pieces that discuss platonic, parental, romantic and interpersonal relationships, and the quarrels of understanding processes and people.

“General Interest”: This will be the general interest column that will be about anything and everything. From makeup tutorials to cooking demonstrations, this will be the blog’s most loaded column.


The UNAVSA Blog is thrilled to finally unravel and begin to share content with the greater UNAVSA community and YOU are the true contributors and authors who will make the blog come alive. Stay tuned for more updates and new bi-weekly content.


For further questions or inquiries, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Olyvia Chac: blog@unavsa.org